Look No Further

Image by Benji Reid


On 18th May 2013, I was self-married by civil partnership. This is my life’s commitment.

Look No Further is about a woman of colour raising the stakes in her life to determine her own vision and future. Staged as a post wedding reception dinner, the performance invites an audience as guests to this unique celebration of ‘queering’ and reclamation.

Ria Hartley was the recipient of 2017 IBT Wild Card Award. The Wild Card Award commissions one exceptional UK artist every IBT Festival. From a national open call, the artist is selected on the basis of an outstanding interdisciplinary practice and the urgency of their work.

My Brothers Father

My Brother’s Father is an installation with live performance, combining autobiographical content in visual and textual form. This intimate and visceral work invites you to witness silenced and hidden fragments of childhood memories which piece together an abusive relationship and the preservation of self, sanity, and survival. Sited in an empty flat, the audience are given tools to reveal and discover the work, and also to walk away when they choose.

‘Ria has established herself as one of the UK’s most exciting young performance makers, and is also one of a small handful of artists addressing issues around autobiographical trauma, in this instance domestic violence’

Lois Keidan, Director Live Art Development Agency

My Brother’s Father was first developed and performed in an abandoned house in 2007, presenting fragmented autobiographical narratives from 1994 – 2000, and has been redeveloped for Domestic II.

With special thanks to Dr Lee Miller & Dr Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley.


Untouchable is a piece about endurance, resilience and survival. It’s about finding the courage to speak out. It’s about the hidden realities of everyday life that happen behind closed doors. It’s about the impact that domestic violence has on real people, a family, lives that matter.

Whilst tender and courageous, this piece has guts and grit. It speaks of an often unspoken reality and looks hopefully at recovery. It examines our health services, our government, our value systems and fundamentally questions where our society is failing its children.

Untouchable is A Contact Flying Solo Commission. This show is part of A Nation’s Theatre Festival – a celebration of UK creativity. Theatre-makers from outside London will be presenting and developing shows across the capital in April–May 2016. Supported by Apples & Snakes and Arts Council England & the National Lottery funding.

Created and performed by Ria Hartley
Producer Emma Møller

Mentored by Zena Edwards, James Leadbitter, Stacy Makishi


What would you do if you could return to a memory and change it? Would it affect your future? Could you rewrite a part of your own history?

RECALL is a one-to-one live mediated performance which invites you to create a new memory and re-write a moment in your personal history based on your own desires and imaginations.

In the field of neurology, scientists have identified that the human mind inserts information from the present into past memories. When recalled the memories become reinterpreted to adapt in an ever changing environment re-framing moments of a person’s life. Unlike a film which relays a recorded event as it was captured, the human memory edits information to present a story which fits into a person’s present reality.



Video produced by Ria Hartley & Emma Møller in collaboration with DARC

Images by Pato Bosich
Filmed by Manuel Vason
Edited by Zoé Desgraupes
Voice recording by Ria Hartley

Special thanks to RECALL audience members for their generosity in allowing their memories to be translated into images for this video.

Recall was originally developed and presented at SPILL National Platform 2014 (Ipswich Art School Gallery) & SPILL National Showcase 2015 (Toynbee Studios, London). Recall is created and performed by Ria Hartley – Producer Emma Møller
Supported by Arts Council England & the National Lottery funding.