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After Eva Meyer-Keller

After Eva Meyer-Keller Death is Certain was one of a series of photographs initiated and curated by The Performance Re-enactment Society as part of Live Laboratory Symposium The Pigs of today are the Hams of Tomorrow Co-curated with the Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art held at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth in 2010. A review of the re-enactment process by Rachel Dobbs (LOW PROFILE) can been read hereI selected this work to re-enact as it was one of the first pieces of live art to trigger a somaesthetic experience through recorded material. I later became fascinated with re-enactment and tested the re-enacting of a series of artists work in which I had been inspired by to consider how else artwork and artists documentation could be understood through the direct embodiment of re-enacting them.

Photographed by Hugo Glendinning 

Other Re-enactments


Top left: After Gillian Wearing Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say  Top Right: After Sophie Calle Suite Vénitienne  Bottom left: After Jill Magid Evidence Locker Bottom Right: After Richard Dedomenicic Well Rounded Individual 

These re-enactments took place during the Train Project in August 2011

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