After Eva Meyer-Keller

After Eva Meyer-Keller Death is Certain was one of a series of photographs initiated and curated by The Performance Re-enactment Society as part of Live Laboratory Symposium The Pigs of today are the Hams of Tomorrow Co-curated with the Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art held at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth in 2010. A review of the re-enactment process by Rachel Dobbs (LOW PROFILE) can been read hereI selected this work to re-enact as it was one of the first pieces of live art to trigger a somaesthetic experience through recorded material. I later became fascinated with re-enactment and tested the re-enacting of a series of artists work in which I had been inspired by to consider how else artwork and artists documentation could be understood through the direct embodiment of re-enacting them.

Photographed by Hugo Glendinning 

Other Re-enactments


Top left: After Gillian Wearing Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say  Top Right: After Sophie Calle Suite Vénitienne  Bottom left: After Jill Magid Evidence Locker Bottom Right: After Richard Dedomenicic Well Rounded Individual 

These re-enactments took place during the Train Project in August 2011


Spit: 1987 is a photographed series of a performance actions composed from an autobiographical exploration of trauma and identity. 

The series of prints are available for exhibition along with a video montage and OHP still of the wall remnants. For more information about this series please contact me directly. 

Photographed by Avia Moore 

Fall Piece


Fall piece is a live one-to-one performance that isolates and repeats a fall down a flight of stairs which occurred during a domestic violent situation in 2001. During a police enquiry the protagonist in the action claimed the fall was accidental, where I claimed to be deliberately pushed. As there were no witnesses the case was closed. The piece recounts the event 2 minutes before the fall, describing the situation, environment and circumstance between myself and the protagonist. At the exact moment where the description leads to the fall, I fall, leaving the audience to decide between accident or incident.

In the repetition of this action, each audience becomes witness to the same event, allowing my voice to be considered in the silencing of the Law.